Charles Carl Paladino, a Tea Partier running for New York's GOP gubernatorial nomination, thinks it's funny that Barack Obama is black and also the president, so he forwarded emails pointing that out to friends but he's not a racist, OK?

Paladino, a Buffalo businessman, has no hope of winning the Republican Party nomination, and certainly no hope of beating New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo in a general election. But he's mad as hell and won't take it anymore! So he's running, and it turns out that he's a tea party guy and therefore thinks Obama has a secret invisible bone through his nose and won't stop sending all his "friends" e-mails to that effect. WNYMedia, a web site covering Western New York, has found some of them, and they include a photo of a woman getting fucked by a horse and a group of black men running from a landing airplane with the caption "run niggers, run!" Good stuff.

Here's Talking Points Memo's round-up of the greatest hits:

• An October 2009 email with a photograph showing President Obama and the First Lady dressed in 70s-era blaxploitation pimp and prostitute costumes while attending a formal event at the White House....

• A December 2008 email showing a video of African tribesmen performing a traditional dance. The video is entitled "Obama Inauguration Rehearsal."

• A September 2009 email entitled, "Easy Steady Big Fella....XXXX," with a photograph that graphically depicts a horse having sex with a woman.

• A January 2010 email, containing a hardcore pornographic video entitled "Miss France 2008 F[***]ing."

• A July 2009 email showing a photograph of an airplane landing directly behind a group of black men. The caption reads: "Holy Sh*t. run ni**ers, run!"

Paladino's spokesman, for his part, has dismissed the evidence of his boss' racism and annoying e-mail habits as a "liberal Democrat blog smear" in a statement to the New York Daily News:

Carl Paladino has forwarded close friends hundreds of email messages he received. Many of these emails he received were off color, some were politically incorrect, few represented his own opinion, and almost none of them were worth remembering.

We're not surprised the political establishment feels threatened by Carl's drive the take Albany back for taxpayers. Our campaign won't be wading through the details of what is just another liberal Democrat blog smear.

He forwarded hundreds of e-mails, see? The liberal Democrat blog-media just cherry-picked the most objectively racist and pornographic ones, because they hate freedom.