Well, he is very funny. But otherwise, this seems peculiar. Starting in November the jilted carrot top will do a Monday-Thursday 11pm laffer/talker on TBS, pushing George Lopez's little program to midnight. Updated

But fear not, Lopez fans. This isn't a Leno situation. Lopez wanted O'Brien to come join the network as his lead-in, because he figured (correctly, probably) that it would end up boosting his own numbers.

But for Conan... well, it's definitely a curious move, especially because the rumors that he was headed to Fox seemed almost confirmed. But no, basic cable it is. We suppose the upside for die-hard Conan fans is that the grateful and less-scrutinized network will be more likely to give him free rein to do all the weirdo, out-there stuff he excels at — and that wasn't exactly a good fit for the stuffy Tonight Show institution. We're guessing this also means he isn't coming back to New York. Sigh.