A 30-year WNBC veteran, Scarborough is New York's longest-serving local news anchor.

Pittsburgh native Charles Bishop Scarborough III worked as a reporter at local TV stations in Mississippi, Atlanta, and Boston before arriving at WNBC-New York in 1974 at the age of 30. He's been there since, covering the city's fires and murders over the course of half a dozen mayoral administrations, winning dozens of Emmys in the process. For years, Scarborough has been the host of the 6 and 11 o'clock broadcasts with co-anchor Sue Simmons. That continues, and he was also named anchor of a new newscast at seven o'clock, New York Nightly News. Airing after Brian Williams' NBC Nightly News, the show is heavily focused on news rather than local news staples like sports and weather.

Boasting many talents, Scarborough has written several novels over the last three decades, including Stryker, The Myrmidon Project, and Aftershock. The reviews on Amazon.com are less than kind. According to one reviewer, "Scarborough is absolutely, completely, thoroughly, utterly incapable of any kind of characterization whatsoever."

Chuck is married to his second wife, Ellen Ward Scarborough, an interior decorator and antiques dealer. (He was previously married to heiress Anne Ford.) [Image via Getty]