Several people report seeing this man around Williamsburg. He wears, says one tipster "a pair of child's pleather shorts as a headpiece to contain a giant jewfro to give the effect of twin chimneys." They call him chimneyhead.

"I can attest, adds our very own Adrian Chen, "to the fact that this man's hat and hair are ridiculous to the point that I have almost stopped him to ask if I can take a picture of him." Another anonymous source close to Gawker has a more disconcerting revelation: "If this is who I think it is, I made out with him once... This was before I knew about the hat."

Email if you can put us in touch with the famous — nay infamous — chimneyhead.

UPDATE: Chimneyhead is the charmingly named Victor G. Jeffreys II, who sent in the fameball-tastic picture below, sadly sans-chimneyhead do and associated pleather shorts. According to another tipster, he models Fauxhemian glasses here. According to us, he looks very smug doing so.