Good news for Lady Gaga stalkers: One of your own penetrated Gaga's inner sanctum, broke into her dressing room, "stalkerishly touch[ed]" her clothes, stole her itinerary, and put it on his blog. Bad news for Lady Gaga: See above.

User-generated gossip blog Oh No They Didn't published a missive from LiveJournal user Lucause, an Aussie who snagged a "local crew" job on Lady Gaga's tour down under. Lucause snuck away from his job setting up props and transporting equipment to photograph Lady Gaga's dressing room; "stalkerishly touch" her clothing; read and steal an itinerary detailing Lady Gaga's rehearsal schedule, hotels, and sightseeing trips; photograph it; and blog about it. He gave the account to a member of LiveJournal-hosted Oh No They Didn't, who posted the account, blurry photos and all. The post is closed to most visitors, but we here's what it says. Click images to enlarge.

So I've been reading ontd for about 9 months or so and am a big fan, and actually have something I think is worth posting, But I've applied to be a member and its not working, my username is lucause but I don't care if it's posted on somebody else's account. I sent this out to 2 of the most recent contributors in the lady gaga tag and the "tip us" email.

Crew Member for Lady Gaga

I worked as a crew member for a Gaga concert in Wollongong, Australia a couple of days and it was quite an experience. Out of like 50 people a friend and I was hand chosen by one of her handlers to help her assistants (Kelly/Kia/Brandon I think their names were) to set up Gaga's dressing room. I had to get her white leather lounges out of containers, set up her table (it had a guitar in it with glass over it), fill her humidifiers and some other jobs like setting up her tv. When her assistants were out of the room I managed to get a picture :)


What I didnt get was this naked mannequin with only a gas mask and a sketch of gaga sticky taped to the belly, and like 20 cases in the hallway that were wardrobe cases. Some of which were open, with costumes exposed that I had to stalkerishly touch. Like a blue jacket with Asian character over it, and a cream baseball jersey with spikes all over it. (I recognised it and found a picture when I got home)


Some of the other stuff I did in the morning was setting up this creepy fish monster with tentacles, I got a photo on the truck but got cursed at by the homophobic hillbilly in charge.


10 Hours later my friends and I come back for the bump out shift and we have to wait at the gate underneath the venue in the tunnel, Her car was like 3 metres away (like 10 feet for those metrically challenged) from me and I saw a glimpse of her head when she got in it, and then she opened the door on my side and just sat there looking at us/ME!!! for about 20 seconds :), I did a huge wave in the air, But I was like the only person that waved out of all the crew and she didn't wave back :( Then she drove out the other side of the tunnel to screaming fans.

When we actually started the shift we snuck back down the hallways to where we knew her dressing room was and it was a mess with a violet colored piece of paper that I just had to eavesdrop on. And to my amazement it was Gaga's itinerary for her stay in Australia, So I kinda maybe stole it. None of her staff was there anymore so it's all good :) it has everything she's doing for the next week or so, including addresses of hotels, ties she was leaving to do stuff, like visiting Buddhist temples etc. (it also includes a lot of studio time)


And I got this cool shirt as well. wishing I got her to sign it but I was a little starstruck and didnt have a pen.


Yours sincerely, a major MJ fan and lessthanmajor Gaga fan

Security breach or tabloid coup? The material seems too banal to be a hoax (Who would bother faking blurry pictures of a sofa?) and Lucause is pretty harmless, but his blog post points to a new loophole in the world of celebrity fandom: When anyone with a LiveJournal page can write a tabloid missive, complete with behind-the-scenes reporting, does that mean the stalkers are paparazzi? Or were the paps glorified stalkers this whole time?

And on a more, um, stalkerish note: Do you think the "Wardrobe / Prayer" portion of the itinerary is something Gaga does, or is that something the cast would do regardless? [ONTD, AllieIsWired, image via Lady Gaga's Twipic]