Four days after announcing his divorce split from Jenny McCarthy on Twitter, Jim Carrey returned to the medium to support Tiger Woods and attack Elin. Is Jim sending coded messages about his own divorce? Let's overanalyze.

After Masters Chairman Billy Payne criticized Tiger, Jim criticized Payne for his "false sense of superiority," then he professed his membership in Team Tiger Woods and said Elin shares Tiger's blame. Since he's Jim Carrey, he followed these messages with shocked and winking emoticons:

Even Donald Trump—who goes out of his way to defend all adulterers—went so far as to indict Elin's "lifestyle." When Jim's followers rebelled, he pleaded modernity and mindfulness of the independent woman:

Why the sudden interest in other people's divorces? Perhaps Jim was feeling "powerless" in the wake of his own divorce break up? Or maybe he was just on crack?

Or maybe defending cheaters is just Carrey's "tru" self.

Update: Jim Carrey isn't divorcing, because he and Jenny McCarthy were never married. They were domestic partners for five years.