As a master mixer, longtime DJ, and rap icon, Funkmaster Flex lives up to his catchy moniker. He is also really, really into cars.

Born Aston George Taylor, Jr., Flex grew up in the Bronx. He started out as a gofer for DJ Chuck Chillout at Kiss FM, but his career-making gig was DJing the Def Jam Christmas party for Russell Simmons in 1992; shortly after, he was hired by Hot97. In the 1990s, Flex presided over the notorious Sunday night hip-hop party at the Tunnel and hosted Direct Effect on MTV. These days, he's a towering figure in the rap world and a ubiquitous presence on Hot97, DJing every night except Sunday.

Like many music stars, Flex's success hasn't been without controversy. He's been sued for paternity and harassment, and was once accused of co-conspiring pay-for-play deals with record companies. Flex recently separated with his wife of almost twenty years, Monica Joseph-Taylor.

(Oh, and did we mention that he's really into cars?) According to Twitter, Flex also loves pitbulls, blogging, and the unqualified use of exclamation points.

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