Politico caught up with Tareq and Michaele Salahi, the self-promoting fameballs who gatecrashed a White House state dinner back in November, at some DC party. They're working on a book, they say, but they hate 'the media'.

By which, of course, they mean any reports that come out negative. Where 'the media' offer them book deals or appearances on TV shows, they love 'the media'. They probably framed this Politico piece about their impending projects — they got to talk about their book "about the winery, about the family drama that is publicly well-known," and hint at a long-rumored stint on the Real Housewives of DC.

Both of them expressed regret for gatecrashing the party. Although, weirdly, they claim that since they hit the headlines, members of the military frequently "become friends of us on Facebook. They become fans of Michaele."

Their levels of genuine remorse can probably be judged by the fact that their lawyer was with them, which gives us the impression they were there to shill for their projects. And that Tareq was wearing White House cufflinks.