John Edwards two-timer and Rielle Hunter sex tape thief Andrew Young will discuss "Ethics in Leadership" at the University of Washington—almost as titillating as Spitzer's Harvard ethics speech! Why do unethical people always talk about ethics at colleges?

Here's why:

  • If famously unethical, then famous.
  • If famous, then can get money for speeches.
  • If famous solely for being famously unethical, then have no choice but to speak about famously unethical thing. But how can we make this famously unethical thing—this hooker or mistress or amateur porn—sound academic?
  • Ethics! How about a panel discussion, where we can pretend we're talking about politics, but actually have our fingers crossed for juicy details about John and Rielle's pregnant sex tape? Q: Are you for or against ethics in leadership, Mr. Young? A: Against. To illustrate this point here is a home video that a friend of mine—who was once a leader—made.

[UofW via hilderschmee]