Moss is the editor-in-chief of the award-winning New York magazine.

Brooklyn-born Moss graduated from Oberlin before landing his first job, as a copyboy at The New York Times. In 1980 he took a job at Rolling Stone; he then worked at Esquire as deputy editor and managing editor. ln 1998, he linked up with real estate magnate Leonard Stern to launch a weekly magazine called 7 Days. 7 Days earned a good deal of praise in media circles, but it did not make money: it fizzled in 1990 after burning through $10 million and producing 102 issues. Undeterred, Moss created a new magazine, The Industry, that focused on media and entertainment. When he got tired of fundraising, Moss abandoned the project and settled for the editorship of The New York Times Magazine.

In 2004, he left the Times and joined New York as editor-in-chief. Much of his work at New York during his first year was steering the magazine's content back to New York-centric topics, including the addition of now-favorite features like The Power Grid. In 2006, Moss helped with the relaunch of the magazine's website, turning it into a frequently updated source of information and news — the site gets over 7 million unique visitors each month. Under his tenure, New York has won 15 National Magazine Awards, including 5 awards in 2007 alone.

Moss lives in New York with his boyfriend, Daniel Kaizer, the co-owner of Longitude books. [Image via Getty]