Hey, you hear about this Kyrgyzstan thing? Their whole freakin' government got overthrown! But Kyra Phillips—the CNN anchor who most reminds us of our best high school friend's mom—really does not care about Kyrgyzstan.

Here is how she promoted an upcoming CNN report on the turbulent former Soviet.

Kyra Phillips: Kyrgyzstan, impossible to spell, hard to say, good luck finding it on the map, so why should we care that its government is now gone, swept away by armed protesters? Well, we'll tell you.

CNN: The Most Undermine-y Political Team on Television.

And then in her banter with Josh Levs, she got right to the question that lies at the heart of the Kyrgyz uprising: What's with all the "'stans?"

PHILLIPS: You know I remember when the war first broke out, and we all said to each other, OK, we have to learn the "stans." You know? It's not just Kyrgyzstan, but you've got all the other stans in that area.

LEVS: All the one — that's right.

PHILLIPS: Yes, why "stan" at the end of the names?

LEVS: Yes. This is actually really interesting about that suffix. There's two different reasons for that going on in the same place. And it has a lot to do with what's going on there. I was looking at this from About.com. In Persian, the suffix "stan" means place of. And in Russian, it meant "settlement."

Apparently, all you need to do to talk about things on CNN is read their corresponding About.com pages? In that case, consider us Senior Correspondent on Quick and Easy Pad Thai, Handball and Identity Theft. As for Kyra Phillips, CNN really should have taken her off the Kyrgyzstan beat after how she dealt with the country's 2005 Tulip Revolution. ("I love tulips!")

Here's the video, via Mediaite.

[CNN Transcript](via Registan)