When heir to the New York Times throne A "to the muthafuckin" G Sulzberger joined the paper as a cub reporter last year, we asked—for journalism reasons—whether he had a girlfriend. Now he has "spilled the beans," love-wise!

John Koblin points out that the Cooperstown Oneonta, NY paper hilariously wrote an entire story (which is GREAT, read it all) about the fact that AG came to the humble burg of Cooperstown to report on a shooting there. Here is the sexxxiest nugget of all:

Waller said Sulzberger had commented that he was on an expense account and asked about less-costly lodging than the Holiday Inn, and she referred him to a bed and breakfast operated by friends.
But Sulzberger said he had broken a date with a new girlfriend for the Cooperstown assignment, and he wanted to make amends, Waller said, and the reporter left Monday night.

WHO IS THIS 'NEW' GIRLFRIEND, eh? Journalistically speaking. Is she sufficiently supportive of AG's burgeoning media career, or does she demand that he rush back from far-flung locations to "make amends" with her, rather than enjoying one of the many fine bed and breakfasts of Cooperstown? What do these "amends" consist of, exactly? These and other questions will be answered for our curious readers, as soon as you email us, AG. Let's double date. Bowling.