Once upon a time, Kate Major was a celebrity journalist who "crossed the line" to bang Jon Gosselin. Now that she's engaged to Michael Lohan, we emailed to ask if she's repeating her "mistake." Her pissed-off email response below!

After she and Jon Gosselin broke up, the former Star reporter did a Gawker Q&A and admitted, "I let my journalistic skills down and fell for his [Gosselin's] crap like other girls. I did know better and I messed up. Do I regret it? Absolutely." At the time, Kate said it was a "mistake" to let romance hurt her career. So when we heard she was about to become Lindsay Lohan's stepmother, we wondered what it meant for her career—and whether Michael's oft-reported history of criminally bad relationships worried her.

from: Maureen O'Connor
to: Kate Major
date: Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 3:07 AM
subject: Gawker questions Re: Your engagement

Congratulations on your engagement! What does this mean, in terms of your career? Are you worried about Michael's history of tumultuous relationships? Do you have any details or thoughts you want to add beyond what was in Radar?

from: Kate Major
to: Maureen O'Connor
date: Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 8:13 AM
subject: Re: Gawker questions Re: Your engagement


To begin with, you don't know the truth about Michael's relationships. I've known him for over four years. How dare you "congratulate" me and ask if I am worried about his past "tumultuous" relationships. Our relationship is wonderful. Worry about yourself and your career — Not mine. And if you want to make any comments to my loving fiance, call him at 631-[redacted].

-Kate Major
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"Over four years" would mean while she was working at Star, so we'll take this email to indicate that, no, Kate Major will not be giving up sleeping with stars for writing about stars any time soon.

All of which is beside the point: Now that we have Michael Lohan's phone number, what should we do with it? [Image via Getty]