Making a name for herself as editor-in-chief of Us Weekly, Min spent years keeping America informed on what Britney did, who Paris was sleeping with, and what rehab clinic Lindsay was residing at. These days, she's the editorial director of The Hollywood Reporter.

After attending Columbia and staying on to earn a master's in journalism, she took a job at a Westchester daily. But she soon turned to gossip, joining the staff of People in 1992. Min climbed the ranks to senior editor and earned kudos for coverage of the death of Princess Di before leaving for Life and then InStyle, joining Us as executive editor in 2002. When her boss, Bonnie Fuller, defected to David Pecker's AMI a year later, Min landed the top job. She remained at the helm of Us for nearly seven years, before eventually stepping down and resigning as editor-in-chief in mid-2009. In 2010, she snagged the editorial director position at the far more respectable Hollywood Reporter.

When Fuller left Us, many media observers suspected the magazine would suffer without the tabloid queen at the helm. Min proceeded to surprise everyone by not only keeping Us afloat, but by also ramping up circulation and advertising. The mag became second only to People in the category during Min's tenure. [Image via Getty]