In your hot hot Wednesday media column: a (relative) tidal wave of journalism jobs, a plan to save CNN, a publisher goes bankrupt, and Conde poaches Elle's branding mastermind.

  • John Koblin reports that there has been a "small boomlet" in media jobs! The WSJ, Yahoo, the Village Voice, and a few other places have hired a few people. Our own John Cook gives voice to the newfound sense of promise and hope, saying ""I don't really feel like the generalized sense of terror and panic has lifted, really."
  • Okay, here is the plan to save CNN from doom: it needs to "marry" ABC or CBS. And stop reading Twitter and shit on the air all the time. CNN is screwed.
  • 944 Media, a national "lifestyle" publisher you may or may not be familiar with, is now bankrupt.
  • Carol Smith, the executive who helped get Elle magazine onto Project Runway, is leaving for Conde Nast, where she "will oversee Bon Appétit and what is left of the Gourmet brand." What is left of the Gourmet brand is one half-full sleeve of Water Crackers and a deskful of pencils.

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