Ken Auletta is an award-winning journalist known for his artful New Yorker profiles of media and tech moguls. He is married to super-agent Amanda "Binky" Urban.

Auletta started out with a degree in political science, going so far as to attempt a PhD—though he dropped out to join Bobby Kennedy's staff (after Kennedy's assassination, Auletta joined Howard J. Samuels's losing campaign for governor). Auletta shifted to journalism in the 70s, covering the local political beat for the New York Post, Village Voice, New York Magazine, and the New York Daily News. He became a New Yorker contributor in 1977; in 1992, when Tina Brown took over as editor, he was given a regular column, "Annals of Communication." Auletta has since become known for dissecting the careers of magnates like Rupert Murdoch, Bill Gates, Harvey Weinstein, Ted Turner, Herb Allen, Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., Barry Diller, Lou Dobbs, Carl Icahn, Dan Rather, Roger Ailes, Katie Couric, and Michael Bloomberg, among many others. Auletta has also published ten books, including the bestsellers Three Blind Mice: How The TV Networks Lost Their Way and Greed and Glory on Wall Street, about brokerage house Lehman Brothers.

Auletta and his wife have a daughter, Kate, and live in New York.

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