Maybe the right-wing bent of Fox News is just a mistake? Maybe Rupert Murdoch just doesn't know what a liberal is? During an interview in the UK DC, the News Corp chairman couldn't name a single Democrat on Fox.

Murdoch wanted to talk about hating Google (because he is a cranky old man) and how the iPad will save newspapers (because he is a delusional old man), but the interviewer totally went there with a Fox News question. Murdoch insisted that Fox covers "both sides," but he could not actually back that up with examples.

Asked to name a single Democrat-leaning Fox commentator – alongside such conservative names as Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly – he struggled openly to remember one. "I wish I could tell you a couple of names. But they are certainly there," he said. He eventually settled on the Fox host Greta van Susteren, whom he said was "close" to the Democratic party.

Greta! Greta van Susteren. Her father was a close friend of Joe McCarthy. Her husband is an advisor for Sarah Palin. Anyone who watches her show (or reads her hilarious blog) knows she totally wants to gay marry Sarah. (And Todd!)

Poor Rupert. Maybe he's confused the Democratic party with the Church of Scientology?

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