Some started families with or swooned for faraway loves, but Bailey only wanted to make her relationship work. Moving for a boyfriend seems like a step forward, until she realizes how backwards the boy really is.

Finished with grad school, Bailey is torn between herself and her relationship, her dreams and her love. Her boyfriend, Jay, has lived in Austin, TX, his entire life with no foreseeable plans to leave. Visiting him there, Bailey is out of place. The differences in character between her and her boyfriend are made plain when he's in his world, a world she fears will swallow her whole.

Kind of off and questionably committed to his girlfriend to begin with—why can't he move to her, huh?—Jay worsens immediately. MTV always comes through with top of the line terrible boyfriends (thanks for the memories, 16 and Pregnant), and Jay is another in stable of creeps. Not only can he do a mean rope trick, Jay also has mounting credit card debt he hopes to pay off by renting out his place while he and Bailey live at his parents. Surprise, welcome to Texas! Seeing through his bullshit and finally standing up for herself, Bailey gets the hell out of Dodge on the next flight, but not before a tearful goodbye wherein Jay's true lameness is laid out before her. As Jay meekly tries to dry her tears, Bailey stares at the horizon, and her outro text details the subsequent breakup. She's gonna make it after all!