Today at Gawker.TV, Jon Stewart discovers the loopholes insurance companies are using to screw over your kids, iPads are wasted on Regis Philbin, Christian Siriano's Bravo special, Whoopi's thoughts on Kate Gosselin's tabloid-themed dance, and some reflections on the iPad.

Jon Stewart Realizes That Insurance Companies Hate Children
Upon discovering that insurance companies are finding loopholes to avoid insuring kids, Jon Stewart wonders what kids will have to do to qualify. Plus, the urologist who won't touch your penis if you voted for Obama!

Christian Siriano: Having a Moment All the Time
Christian Siriano had many moments on his one-hour Bravo special: schmoozing with celebrities and reaching out to fans, freaking out with the last minute minutiae of his third Bryant Park show, edging Tori Spelling towards matricide....

Youth Is Wasted On the Young, But the iPad Is Wasted On Regis
Today on Regis and Kelly, Regis declared that he was now "part of the internet" and showed off his new iPad, which he is of course completely powerless to use.

Searching for Relevance: Reflections on the iPad
The iPad has been hailed as many things: savior of publishing, transformative device between iPhone and laptop, useless toy. Now that it has been released into the world and anticipation is now reality, it's time for some answers.

Whoopi Is Not Impressed With Kate Gosselin's "Statement Dance"
This morning, the ladies of The View gave their reactions to Kate Gosselin's "statement dance" on Dancing With The Stars, wherein she awkwardly stomped around to Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi." Whoopi's reaction? A scathing stankface.