Christian Siriano had many moments on his one hour Bravo special: schmoozing with celebrities and reaching out to fans, freaking out with the last minute minutiae of his third Bryant Park show, edging Tori Spelling toward filicide....

The only genuine star Project Runway has ever been able to produce, Siriano won that competition by sheer talent and personality, the same combination that sustains his success. He's charming and sassy, affable but all-business; as good at what he does as he is at selling himself and his art. The friendships he's cultivated with A-Listers (well, Tori Spelling, some Bravo regulars, and the ghost of Victoria Beckham, at least...) hinge on the same sartorial skill and social savvy. When Tori says spiked bags and babies don't mix on a drunken night out—memories of Donna Martin's prom debacle—Christian sells it to her anyway, and fits her into the perfect dress, and sustains her body image issues, laughing all the way. The little Puck!

In an industry where image and ass-kissing rule all, it's comforting to know that all aren't ruined by the fame-game. Having witnessed Siriano's Project Runway run and continued presence despite the reality show career curse, it's obvious his personality is his own. Escaping to his hometown briefly between his show and a buyers' meeting, his mother reveals that he has always been himself, equally dramatic and gifted; a force—even in naked baby photos.

The special might have been a lame attempt by Bravo to try to get a little extra out of a show they no longer own, but Siriano—his character, his product, and his method—is legitimately interesting. He might think his life is boring and consumed by the fashion industry, but his place in the fashion industry is steadying. He knows enough to keep the cameras out most of the time—overexposure makes his art illegitimate, just ask Tyra Banks—but also knows when to show himself. He's his best salesman and one fabulous imp.