In your touchy Tuesday media column: Shep Smith gets cunt-pranked, Miramax and MGM's death gets explained, David Shuster gets suspended, Liz Claman gets profiled (libtard), and Hearst gets three new editors.

  • Goodness, speaking of gay Jamie Foxx and mine explosions, after that horrible West Virginia mine explosion, Fox's Shep Smith went live on air to someone he thought was a spokesperson on the scene, and that person told him, quote, "Jamie Foxx is a cunt." That would be funny in another situation but in this situation, that is not funny. FOR REAL.
  • Why are Miramax and MGM suddenly worth so little? Because of melting ice cubes. Peter Lauria explains.
  • Just because David Shuster went and secretly shot a pilot for CNN, MSNBC has now suspended him indefinitely. His contract's up in a matter of months, then he'll probably jet. Sad news for those people who loved to watch David Shuster, but only on MSNBC.
  • Happy-go-lucky Fox Business reporter Liz Claman is a liberal Berkeley Jew, but she still likes working at Fox Business! She grew up in Beverly Hills and "she wants to be known as more than a red-headed news vixen." We doubt that you will need to know more than that about Liz Claman, ever.
  • Big turnover at Hearst today, as three magazines get new editors: Stephen Drucker takes over Town & Country, replacing Pamela Fiori; Newell Turner takes over House Beautiful; and Dara Caponigro takes over Veranda, replacing Lisa Newsom.

(And a special shout out to my man Johnny Barnes, who doesn't give a damn what time it is. Alt-weeklies live!)