It's easy to make fun of celebrities for being in dumb commercials and embarrassing themselves. Like Seth Green for Nerf. Or Arnold Schwarzenegger in Japan. But to find celebrities acting well in their natural habitat in a commercial is hard to find.

The biggest reason why a lot of celebrity commercials fail is because they are out of their element (shut up Donnie!). To utilize a celebrity properly, you have to play to their persona. Don't make Jon Ogden dance, it's just not something he can do. Make him eat or tackle something, anything but dancing. In this collection of commercials, we found celebrities acting their best without having the viewer have to facepalm.

Bruce Willis
What's cooler than wine coolers? Bruce Willis singing about them! With his surprisingly decent voice, (so rugid) and slick dance moves, Willis make it almost ok to casually drink wine coolers with your barbershop quartet. Even though the commercial itself is over-the-top cheesetastic, Willis still comes off looking pretty fly.

Joe Green
As said before, put celebrities where they are comfortable. Mean Joe is comfortable being a football player and being kind of a dick, so, Coke perfectly placed him snubbing one of his fans. The commercial made the sideview-with-a-coke a classic style for drink ads and Mean Joe has a stellar smile.

Ellen DeGeneres
Crappy white-people dancing can be seen anywhere. Come to my house. It's awesome. However, Ellen is the only one to make it endearing and super profitable. In addition, as YouTuber firemage1986 states so eloquently, "ELLEN IS ADORABLE xD"

Robert Goulet
Oh my god I hate when the 3pm slump rolls around and that damn Goulet shreds my work. AAAHHH! What a dick! This commercial really make me believe he's going to come. And that he has the ability to walk on the ceiling like spider-man.

Larry Bird/Michael Jordan
Crikey! Watch as these two sports heroes duke it out over the right to graze in their natural habitat! Don't put Michael Jordan in underwear ads, it's just awkward. Watching him compete with Larry Bird in one-on-one for a sandwich? Awesome.

Bruce Campbell
Everybody's favorite jack-of-all-trades, Evil Dead hero makes a great rich man in his study. Campbell is able to make the ambigious ad compelling and funny. He just has it.

George Takei
The Enterprise had its share of memorable characters, but George Takei is like George Harrison. He's under appreciated, but actually the most awesome of the group. Even though the thought of adding the another color to RGB seems incredibly stupid, Takei's "oh my" makes me want to check it out. Also, this bonus video of him seeking revenge on anti-gay basketball Tim Hardaway player is amazing!

Bill Cosby
Having Bill Cosby do anything else besides talk to cute children or eat Jello is blasephemy. In this commercial, it seemed like they spent all the money on hiring Bill Cosby with just enough left to get a box of Jello pudding pops. Letting Cosby do his own thing is pure magic.

Wes Anderson
Without missing a beat, Wes Anderson seemlessly inserts himself into his own film. Some of the other American Express ads make their subjects seem like a wee bit of an egotist, but this one balances Anderson's style with a sense of irreverence that makes watching a commercial incredibly palpatable.

Little Richard
Lord have mercy! It's Little Richard. If I was in a serious accident the first thing I would want is to do is have Little Richard screaming about mashed potatoes in my ear. The dichotomy between the stoic woman and the exuberant Richard is hilarious. One of the best musician to actor commercials out there.

Peyton Manning
Of all the football stars to make appearances in commercials, Manning is by far the most charismatic and funny. Who couldn't love a 6'5, 230 pound quarterback with a laser rocket arm?

If there's one thing Britney did for K-Fed that would be make him nominally famous. Also, exceedingly wealthy. However, in this clip, K-Fed goes back to his poor back-up dancer day roots, and reps being a fry maker.