As Weight Watchers battles disparaging remarks about its pseudoscientific experts, the company also faces a more existential threat: women who think they don't need to be on a diet. Whoa, who said that was okay?

Buried in this NYT story on Jennifer Hudson's turn as the latest Weight Watchers spokesmodel is this alarming bit:

Although the percentage of American women who say they are dieting is declining - 25 percent today compared with 36 percent in 1991, according to a weekly diet survey by the NPD Group, a research company - consumers still spend billions of dollars annually on diet pills and meals, gym memberships and other related products.

Hmm, so 11% of women think they no longer "need" to be on an endless diet. Good, good for you. Really, we're proud. Are billions of dollars annually really enough, though? Just "food" for thought—not literally, of course. Not saying anything about you specifically. Really. You look fine.
[Pic: Katiya]