New York's pizza guys: These are some guys to have on your side during the inevitable Peak Oil apocalypse. Proof: On Friday, a delivery guy for Famous Famiglia in East Harlem avoided armed robbery and delivered his pie still-piping.

19 year-old Assami Semde was delivering pizzas for Famous Famiglia in East Harlem, when two guys started harrassing him in an apartment building. They asked him for a slice. Semde said no. What happened next is congressional medal of honor-level delivery guy heroics. From the AP report:

One of the men pulled out a gun and told him and Semde dropped the pies on the ground. As gunman reached down, Semde said he lunged at him, and toppled him off balance. The 6-foot-4 Semde scuffled with the men as building security making a routine check came by and the two fled.

The security officers called the cops. But, according to the AP, "before Semde went to the precinct to file the report, he delivered the pizzas. One pepperoni, one cheese. Still hot."

Tragedy averted, in so many ways.