Nasty Man Rudy Giuliani is endorsing Marco Rubio for Senate in Florida. Though it's more of a petty, pointed non-endorsement of Florida Governor Charlie Crist. Giuliani just hates that guy.

America's Terrible Mayor of Death held a blogger conference call this morning. You'd think the message Rubio would want his high-profile endorser to deliver would be something like "Rubio is a true, principled conservative" or similar boilerplate, but Rudy just seemed determined to talk about how Charlie Crist broke his heart, like a betrayed mob boss on a wiretapped call.

On a conference call today with bloggers, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani discussed his endorsement of Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate, saying his endorsement goes beyond "whether Charlie Crist broke his word with me on several occasions - he did - that's the reality, that's the truth, he did break his word."

And what, exactly, is this about?

Back when Tiny Tyrant Rudy was running for Emperor of America, his brilliant campaign plan was to not bother campaigning anywhere or doing anything until the Florida primaries, which he figured he'd win handily because of the years he put in protecting old Jews from black people and modern artists.

For that plan to work, however, he needed a) to not be such an obviously terrible candidate and unpleasant human being and b) an endorsement from then-wildly popular governor Crist. Crist endorsed McCain.

Rudy has apparently not forgotten that snub, and now, years later, he is giving his uninfluential endorsement to Marco Rubio, the guy who will probably win anyway because Crist is too delusional to just run as an independent.

(This is also, sadly, yet another example of Rudy Giuliani turning his back on his old gay friends.)