Here's a trailer for Joel Schumacher's upcoming worst movie ever Twelve, based on the drug-dealin'-teens novel and featuring Gossip Girl actress Chace Crawford, 50 Cent being 50 Cent, and PC from NYC Prep prematurely ejaculating. Sounds great! Looks awful.

It looks like a whole tired, several-years-too-late entry in the "slick, rich, fucked-up Upper East Siders" genre that Gossip Girl both began and ruined. There's some curiosity factor because of the connection to Nick McDonell, a handsome, young rising literary baron who wrote the bestselling Twelve when he was only 17. Oh, and the wtf PC Peterson cameo. But otherwise, no thanks. It looks like a cross between Kids (without any actual shock value) and the aforementioned GG (only more needlessly tawdry for tawdry's sake). Looks like a renter, if that.