In your intelligent Monday media column: David Shuster may be canned, Mediaite is numerically the most important thing on Twitter, Sharon Waxman vs. Michael Wolff, and the end of the Bobosphere.

  • MSNBC's David Shuster has been pulled off the air after his bosses learned he shot a pilot for CNN without telling them. God damn bosses, overreacting when you secretly start working for the competition. Come on.
  • The Wrap's "25 Media Insiders to Follow" on Twitter includes four Mediaite staffers, a full 67% of the company's masthead! Will Mediaite insiders "tweet" about this development? Will Rachel Sklar then "RT" that with a hearty dose of agreement? Follow and find out!
  • Sharon Waxman is mad at Michael Wolff for stealing her content. Michael Wolff is like, nyah nyah nyah, because that is what Michael Wolff does, even in the face of a legitimate topic of discussion. The lesson is, just don't pay attention to Michael Wolff. Um, unless you're us.
  • Veteran Ad Age critic Bob Garfield is abandoning the magazine (and THE BOBOSPHERE) after 25 years in order to go make more money. Here is his long, grand, review of his own magical career, and the lasting impact of Bob Garfield.

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