With the census due, conservatives worry that months of stoking fear among their constituents may come back to bite them in the ass, because a low turn out could mean a loss of Republican seats in Congress. Brilliant move, guys.

Conservatives argue that the census asks too many questions, and that their answers could be used against them once the government gets its concentration camps operating at full capacity. One of the loudest voices against the census, which is actually one of the shortest in history, is faux populist Ron Paul. According to the Wall Street Journal:

Rep. Ron Paul (R., Texas), a former presidential candidate with a small but ardent following, was the only lawmaker to vote against a recent congressional resolution urging participation in the census."

To counter the anti-census crazies like Paul, and Michele Bachmann, Republican Congressman Patrick McHenry has gone on a pr offensive to get conservatives on board.

It's your constitutional duty to respond to this," Mr. McHenry said in an interview. "It's often difficult for conservatives to separate overall government intervention from a question as simple as the census."

Translation: many of our ignorant constituents have no clue why they're even against the census and this scares me. And McHenry has even written a plea on Redstate.com., where some skeptics aren't worried about concentration camps just yet, but are concerned about commies from ACORN reaping welfare benefits from their information. Commenter "billybee" replied to McHenry by saying, "I'm not turning my data over to ACORN census takers. The extra data obviously only exists for some some social program overtones."