No we know how Steve Jobs really feels about Fake Steve Jobs, AKA Newsweek Tech Columnist Dan Lyons: Not a fan. Lyons told Reliable Sources today that Apple pressured Newsweek not to hire Lyons because of his Fake Steve Jobs.

According to Talking Biz News, Lyons told RS' Howard Kurtz that Apple has been good at "playing" TIME off Newsweek so that they would "compete to see who would get the access to Steve, who would get the exclusive interview." But, Lyons said:

"Newsweek" sort of opted out of that game when they hired me a couple years ago. Apple doesn't like me at all because of the blog I write. And Apple actually made it clear to "Newsweek" before they hired me - or they got wind that I was going to get hired - that they didn't want "Newsweek" to hire me, they weren't going to like this.

And "Newsweek" hired me anyway, but sure enough, we didn't get any access, we didn't get - I don't have an iPad. I didn't get a device from Apple.

So, "Apple" (read: Steve Jobs) does not like Lyons' Fake Steve Jobs blog. Apple snubs Newsweek for hiring Fake Steve Jobs guy. Then Newsweek retaliates by... turning their front page into an ad for the iPad? This is sending the wrong lesson re: super-wealthy tech CEOs who need to get a sense of humor, Newsweek!

This would, however, make an excellent storyline for one of the episodes in Lyons' new TV series.