All they need now is a pipe bomb, and they will never be scooped again. Tom & Jerry's is a dive bar near our office. It's also "Elaine's for the glittering digital set," "where everyone knows your Twitter handle."

Among the glittery drinkers featured in this article: Mediaite founder @rachelsklar, FourSquare founder @dens,'s @sorayad, deposed Business Insider editor @carney, and "vice president of emerging trends at MobileBehavior" Alice Mooney, whose Twitter handle I cannot find, although if I saw her I would know it, because she "wore a necklace with her Twitter handle spelled out in sterling silver"—Carrie Bradshaw of the social networkers. She's the one who said "It's like Cheers, where everyone knows your Twitter handle," so it is with great shame that I admit being unable to find it now. [NYT] [Photo of @iJustine tweeting on the toilet for illustrative purposes only. She is not at Tom & Jerry's. Maybe she wishes she was.]