Author and essayist, Klosterman writes about pop culture and sports for

Minnesota-born and North Dakota-raised, Klosterman began his writing career in Fargo, then moved to Akron, Ohio, before settling in New York City in 2002. He landed a spot as a senior writer for Spin, where he penned the popular column "My Back Pages." He was fired in 2006, along with a number of other staffers, but Klosterman continued writing articles for GQ, The New York Times Magazine, and The Washington Post. In 2005, Klosterman met ESPN's Bill Simmons - though Klosterman was known for his music writing, he began writing about sports for ESPN. His relationship with Simmons led to his most recent position, as a consulting editor at Grantland, which was created and is headed by Simmons.

In addition to his magazine and blog writing, Klosterman has also published seven books, including three non-fiction books, two novels, and three essay collections, including the best-selling Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs. [Image via AP]