Thursday at midnight. Colbert is over, and there's a larger than usual void in your life. Keep it on Comedy Central and hang out here for a Sarah Silverman Program/Important Things with Demetri Martin Live Blog.

April Fools Day is over, but we'll still write all over the face of the first person to fall asleep.

The Sarah Silverman Program

Last week, the foul-mouthed, disaster-creating but well intentioned Sarah Silverman tried to reconcile gay Steve with his ashamed parents (she also grew a mustache in another gender-challenging twist, but thats neither here nor there). This week, she narrates the story of Steve's mission to acquire a robot baby to raise with Brian. In an old southern voice. The next step in liberation, right? Right?

Hang out and revel in the gross out comedy - just don't puke on the keyboard. Or, go for it. That'd be hilarious, and totally in tune with the show.

Important Things With Demetri Martin

Each week, Demetri mixes up stand up, sketch and prop comedy, inspired by a word or phrase of the day. Sometimes, it's a bit vague and, while still funny, not quite on point. This week? The word is "nature." Which means the show will be at its hilarious best. We hope.

It's always a witty and honest look at the inanity of everyday life and the unintentionally hilarious social norms of twenty and thirty somethings. Which is you. So tune in and hang out in the comment section, squawking and joking from the e-peanut gallery.

To catch up on older episodes and sketches, check out the show's Comedy Central Website.

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