The proud owner of the most famous mustache on cable news, Geraldo is the drama-loving tabloid journalist who currently hosts Geraldo at Large on Fox News.

The son of a Jewish waitress and a Puerto Rican dishwasher, Rivera attended Brooklyn Law before landing at WABC. Following a stint on Good Morning America, he became one of the original anchors on 20/20, but ended up losing the job in 1985. His career floundered until he landed his own tabloid talk show, Geraldo, which explored pressing national issues like teen lesbianism and Satanism. By the mid-90s, though, he'd returned to reporting, negotiating a six-year, $30 million contract with NBC. In 2001 Geraldo headed to Fox to serve as a war correspondent and the host of Geraldo At Large.

Rivera loves the spotlight and for three decades, he's done whatever he's had to do to get it, such as when watched him embarrass himself when he promised to reveal the contents of Al Capone's secret vault as part of a live TV special and all he ended up finding was some trash and few empty gin bottles or his blunders divulging classified information from Afghanistan that got him kicked out of the country. As his ego might suggest, Rivera is a serial husband-he's been married five times in four decades [Image via Getty]