They've already found their new partners of the same sex—who are also celebs. Another famous couple is on the rocks because the husband is love with the wife's assistant. If three's a crowd, then what is four?

1. "We knew that there was trouble in this couple's relationship, but we didn't realize how big a role two outside parties have played in the drama. The couple – who we'll call Actor A and Actress A – are two of the biggest movie stars in the world. Actor A is in a pit of despair over his crumbling relationship with Actress A. However, instead of keeping his feeling buttoned up, he has found solace in the arms of Actor B, whose own relationship has been up in the air. The two men plan on running away together sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, pillow-lipped Actress A has been having a hot and heavy Sapphic relationship with big-chinned Actress B… who just happens to be Actor A's ex-wife. We didn't even know that Actress A and Actress B were friends. They sure had us fooled." [Blind Gossip]

2. "This celeb has what would be considered a strong and solid relationship by Hollywood standards. She and her man are very supportive and respectful of one another. The only problem in their relationship is that he is in love with her assistant. He won't act on it because he's not that kind of guy, but the two are definitely having an emotional affair. Both in the couple are celebrities. Not Sarah Michelle Prinze." [BuzzFoto]

3. "Do you remember when Britney Spears had her issues a couple of years ago she took a pap along with her for the ride? Well, this very troubled C list movie actress with A list name recognition is doing the same thing. Although in this case it appears the actress is the bad influence. She has been accompanied many nights by a pap who is a minor and who she is getting into clubs even though he isn't old enough. Oh, and if that were not bad enough she is also his drug supplier. Guess she doesn't want to hit rock bottom alone." [CDaN]