It's true. He's been given the highest honor. Also today: Some good news for a beloved TV star, a celebrated director is taking a fantastic voyage, and Leonardo DiCaprio is stepping out on Marty.

Riding a deservedly high wave of Breaking Bad success, Bryan Cranston is considering joining a high profile feature film. He's in final talks to play Julia Roberts' porn-loving blogger husband in a film called Larry Crowne, cowritten by Tom Hanks, directed by Hanks, and starring Hanks as a guy who loses his job and goes back to school. Roberts plays a professor with whom he finds lurve. Sounds weird! [THR]

Talented fellow Curtis Hanson has signed on to direct a surfing movie called Mavericks, about a real-life guy's quest to ride some big fuckin' waves in California. It's actually about Bryan Cranston riding his success wave. Spliced in with pictures of James Garner and Jodie Foster in Western gear. Tom Cruise shows up wearing aviators. Mavericks. Catch it. [Variety]

Let's talk about awards! Mad Men is doing a little Emmy eligibility shuffle, moving Elisabeth Moss down to the supporting category so that January Jones will have a better shot in the lead actress slot. Really, though, guys? Sure you want to put your money on that horse? I mean, after that unfortunate SNL debacle that did not a little to convince some folks that Jones might actually just be wooden and stiff in real life. [THR] But enough about Emmys. Here are awards that really count! The Peabody Awards have been announced and some big-name winners are In Treatment, Modern Family, Glee, and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Man there are some gay ass nerds up in the Peabody voting committee. And we love it. [EW]

Ever wanted to take a tiny camera and look around inside your own body, but worried that your hands would shake too much so you couldn't really tell what was going on? Well, that's coming to life, sort of. Master of the shaky-cam Paul Greengrass appears to be signing on to direct a big-budget remake of The Fantastic Voyage. Though it's not a Soviet scientist's body that the voyagers will enter after being miniaturized, because the Cold War is long over. No instead it'll probably be updated for the modern age. It'll be Shia LaBeouf's body. No, actually, Shia LaBeouf will be on the voyage, and the body will be Justin Bieber's. And then upon hearing that there's a group entering Justin Bieber, Ryan Seacrest will contact his travel agent. [THR]

It's directors day here on the Trade Roundup. Oliver Stone looks to be set to helm a detective movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio called Travis McGee, about an old Irish guy who owns a bar and dispenses advice to lonely customers. No, actually, it's about a detective. DiCaprio was already signed on when Stone joined the project which, if I were DiCaprio (ohhh, were I DiCaprio...), I would be worried about. I mean given Stone's recent spotty track record. And we'll have to wait even longer to find out if Wall Street 2 is any good, because they pushed the release date back to September so it can premiere at Cannes. [Variety]

Gabourey Sidibe, sweet-voiced star of Precious and the upcoming Showtime comedy The C Word, has been tapped to host Saturday Night Live. She proved fairly funny in her Precious promotion talk show tour, so hopefully she'll do well. Keenan Thompson is excited because now he finally has someone to play his sister or something in a sketch. A relative of Virginiaca perhaps? [E!]

We buried this at the bottom because we don't want spoilerphobes to be tempted. But allegedly a crew member from the Hawaiian set of Lost has gotten a hold of the last two pages of an un-watermarked series finale script and released them on the internet. I'm not sure if I think they're real or not (it can't end that way, can it?) but take a look for yourselves. [Reddit]