Pulling an epic prank on your coworkers is always the most satisfying way to get you jollies on April Fool's Day. If you're feeling strapped for ideas, we've compiled a few examples to get the diabolical juices flowing.

Firehouse Rat Prank
This is a tried and true classic: a bit of fishing line and a fake rat can get the best reaction out of even toughest guys.

Office Wall Prank
Ironically, the amount of preparation and physical labor required to pull this prank off is probably harder than the actual job.

Dwight Pranks
Dwight and Jim have the ultimate nemesis relationship. Their banter and pranks have inspired too many pranks to leave out of this list.

Ping Pong Ball Prank
The Zappos.com offices have enough time on their hands in between shipping shoes to construct elaborate ball drops.

Snake Prank
Say what you will about the simplicity of a fake snake prank, but they work every single time.

Toilet Prank
This prank was staged in a real office by a Montreal candid camera show. If you ever come across the materials to pull this off, let us know how it goes!

Exploding Pen Prank
I would advise against pulling this prank on anyone who is at high risk for a heart attack or is the veteran of a foreign war.