First LL Cool J wanted out. Now country singer Toby Keith is upset about being on Palin's new show, Real American Stories. With one out of three "marquee" guests already gone, will the Oklahoma crooner jump ship, too?

Fox News probably assumed it was no big deal to include Toby Keith without asking. After all, he's a good ol' boy who sings about things that Sarah Palin likes, too: America, horses, guns, beer… you know, white people stuff. And just like with LL, Fox wanted to use an old interview with Keith, while trying to pawn it off as a Sarah Palin exclusive. Keith's publicist was baffled by the network's trickery.

According to a copy of an email message provided to The Times, the [Fox News] producer wrote Ms. Schock saying, "You may recall that almost a year ago, we did an interview with Toby Keith for our program Real American Stories. I'm happy to report our show is finally going to air."

No "fireside chat with America's favorite sweetheart" or anything, just a casual mention of the show. How sly! Keith's publicist acknowledged that the interview, from early 2009, was the property of Fox News and they can use it however they want. And what did Keith say to his publicist about being on Palin's show? "I'm not going to comment on what Toby feels about it." Ouch.

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