If you've been on the Internet this week, you probably saw the (later revealed to be staged) video of some elementary school kids reenacting the climactic scene from Scarface. Tonight—coincidentally—South Park did it (and better). Video inside.

Tonight's episode had two storylines. In the first, Randy Marsh microwaves his balls in order to get testicular cancer and, ergo, a prescription for medicinal marijuana. The other storyline, though, was that KFC had been outlawed in the state of Colorado (the weed shops sprung up in the vacated restaurants) because of Jamie Oliver and his whole "America needs to realise how unhealthy its children are, bloke!" campaign.

Cue Cartman as a KFC addict, and Colonel Sanders as some sort of Pablo Escobar-esque chicken-pusher. The Colonel brings Cartman into his operation, but—surprise!—the boy can't stop eating the chicken. Profits drop, problems arise, and it all leads to the above video.

Take notes, Marc Klasfeld: this is how you make a bunch of kids reenacting Scarface even funnier.

[South Park]