James Toback is the creepy 65 year-old film director who recently approached a 24 year-old lady and promised to "make her a star", twice. Apparently, his cruising is not limited to the over-18 set. Here are a couple stories!

Toback (Two Girls and a Guy, Harvard Man) appears to be as well known for his artistic achievements in picking up women as those in film. All the way back in the late 80s, Spy magazine exposed Toback as a pick-up artist. (He disputed the article.) In 2000, The Times wrote "He has been known to stop women in the street and offer them parts in his films, flashing his Directors Guild of America card to prove he is in a position to do so." And in 2008 we wrote about another instance of Toback hitting on the same woman with the same, lame "make you a star" line. At the time, our tipster, who was accosted in Brooklyn, asked: "Could he have finally exhausted the inventory of gullible women in Manhattan necessitating a foray across the river to Brooklyn?"

Apparently not. (The most recent documented attempted star-making was in Manhattan.) But he has been doing his best—sometimes with people are not exactly legal. One reliable source tells us:

About 10 years... when I was about 14. This man approached me on the street around 72nd street and broadway. He told me his name was James Toback and that I had "the look" and that he could make me a star. He told me he was working on some movie called "Harvard Man" and name dropped Sarah Michelle Gellar. He gave me his phone number and told me he was giving a lecture at like Hunter college (I think) the next day and that I should come to the lecture. I went home and told my parents about this. They said I could call him, but they would need to speak to him if this was to proceed any further.

She called.

I got his machine and told him that I couldn't come to his lecture, but if he was serious about me being a star he should give my mom a call... I gave him her number and everything. Needless to say he DIDN'T call my mom because I don't think that was the point.

And commenter ulamarche writes:

Toback did this to my friend when she was seventeen years old, picking her up at a deli near our NYC high school. He took her to a taping of Charlie Rose and asked her how often she masturbated. She wisely declined an invitation to audition for him in a hotel room.

(The age of consent in New York is 17.)

And here's another one just for fun, at least 4 years old, from commenter GlasgowRose

Toback hit on my 20-something, blonde sis on the UES with virtually the same pick-up story, except he wanted her to join him immediately for a drink at Elaine's. Also on her way home from the gym (he does have a thing for post-workout, flushed blondes!), she similarly declined, Googled him & promptly Facebooked all her friends to avoid him. I also believe he's still married, with kids, but I could be wrong on that point.

Stay away from Jame Toback, kids!