Megan McCarthy wondered why the New York Times hates West Coast gossips; Natalie Eshaya caught a cheater; and Julia Allison did not know what her students were thinking. The Twitterati were confused and dismayed.

We have no idea what Julia Allison's career will be after she makes good on her promise to leave the internet, but we're pretty sure it won't involve sales.

Not at all insanely jealous of its once and current coworkers, California-based Valleywag was asking the same question as MediaGrazer's Megan McCarthy, until he actually tried to think of a bona fide twentysomething gossip out West. There has to be one, right?

Stackoverflow's Jeff Atwood probably keeps noUnicorns set to false, to keep his sites awesome.

Gizmodo's Brian Lam reenacted a scene from Entourage.

Sometime Ryan Seacrest writer Natalie Eshaya found herself in the sleazeball section of everyone's favorite discount store.

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