Today we looked at crazy Bill Donohue: Child Rape Apologist. Naturally the topic sparked a lot of discussion, including one post from a commenter wondering about the really big picture of it all.

From Tabular:

What I don't understand is how anyone could still consider themselves Catholics in the face of this. One or two incidences in a vast, moneyed, unwieldy organization means bad apples. $2 billion dollars paid out in the U.S. alone to abused victims (most of whom were CHILDREN) of these "men of God" with hundreds (and countless thousands in the past) more emerging around the world means something is seriously fucked in the midget state of Vatican.

The CEO, an ex-Nazi in Prada boots, is complicit in allowing a man who abused 200 DEAF CHILDREN for decades to live out "the dignity of his days" — unmolested, by, you know, law enforcement. Because he had "repented" — whatever that means when you are morally bankrupt — and his health was failing in a way it should have long ago had there actually been a benevolent God.

It's just mind-boggling to me. These are supposed to be the most sacred people — the most holy — the most trustworthy — the most good. They are your direct line to the Lord. And they are fucking the small children.

How could one believe in any earthly manifestation of "religion" after that? How? I genuinely want to know.

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