James Toback (Two Girls and a Guy, Tyson) was on the prowl yesterday. For romance. The 65-year-old writer/director hit on a 24-year-old lady, who he'd unwittingly cruised once before. He promised to make her a Star. Her harrowing tale below.

I was in the Barnes and Noble on 86th and Lex yesterday afternoon on my way back from Equinox, and was quickly approached by James Toback. He seemed to pop out of nowhere and I easily could have mistaken him for a homeless man, if not for the fact that he approached me 4 years ago at a Starbucks on 87th and Lex. I didn't remind him that we had met before, because he recited the same story and made the same promises VERBATIM, which I found morbidly amusing.
He told me that I was "irresistible" and that he would make sure that within 2 years I'd be the biggest name in Hollywood. I'm 24 and blonde, and most people would consider me attractive, but apres-gym without makeup I am certainly not "irresistible".
Obviously telling women that he is going to "make them a star" and that "it's destiny that we've met" is his MO of choice. He told me to meet him at the Harvard Club at 7:30 tonight, I was thinking of going just so I can document the experience for Gawker, as I know you have reported on this sweaty pervert in the past.

PS- His best line- "I will turn you into a worldwide phenomenon, just like I did with Mike Tyson."

That Mike Tyson line is pretty fabulous, isn't it?

Our tipster was indeed considering meeting him just for the story, but she wisely decided not to. She did send us a photo of the quick note he wrote her, though. So look out, comely young lasses of New York! You could be James Toback's next accosting victim.