It's true! Dirty, dirty f'ing. Also today: Remember Stephen Dorff? You're about to. A terrible remake sounds terrible. Plus news about all of your favorite TV shows, from Veronica Mars to that other one.

I don't know about you, but when I think of mighty, powerful gods heaving and bellowing and warring on an epic scale, the first word that springs to mind is "dorff." A casting director apparently agrees with me! The about-to-have-a-comeback Stephen Dorff has been cast in the upcoming War of the Gods, a Clash of the Titans, um, homage that's being directed by that crazy Tarsem guy. So good for him! [Variety]

Oh. You know what's getting remade? Private Benjamin. Yeah, as a vehicle for Anna Faris. I like Faris in certain things, but she doesn't exactly have the same warmth about her that Goldie Hawn had in those days, a grace note that made the original movie work. Also sort of unsettling? Well, you know, we've got two wars on and there isn't much comedy in that, I don't think. (Unless, of course, you count Larry the Cable Guy's brilliant Delta Farce, but that was really more rapier-sharp satire than outright comedy.) So, yay New Line! Maybe next you can remake Tootsie with Bradley Cooper or something. [THR]

Aw. Everybody's fucking Matt Damon. Paul Greengrass is riding him like a Christmas steed. Clint Eastwood is dogging him 'til he barks. And now Tina Fey's straddling into the love fest. Yes, the delightful Damon (Green Zone wasn't that bad, guys) will be guesting on 30 Rock at the end of this season. Hopefully he'll show another guest star who shall remain nameless (think: Mulianne Joore) how to do a proper Boston accent. [EW]

Tell your Aunt Vicky to break out the bubbly, because they've renewed her favorite show. Yes, The Castle starring Nate Fallon has been renewed by NBS for a sixth season. Didja hear that, Hank? The kids say that there's gonna be more of The Castle. No, you watch it. Y'know, the one with the writer who solves mystery crimes. Yeah, it's on after the House Doctors I think. Yeah, the Nick Fillman show. Well, that's good, huh? [Variety]

A guy named Ryan Hansen from that show you guys liked, Veronica Mars, has been cast as the lead in that hideous sounding pilot Friends With Benefits. So he's doing that and Bell's doing When in Rome and Gossip Girl and Guttenberg's been missing in the Oregon wilderness for six days. Didn't end too well for that show you liked, huh? [THR]

We are on a roll! Here's that show Janice in accounts payable can't stop raving about, Big Bang Theory. Its comely lady-star, Kaley Cuoco, has been cast in her first studio feature! Yay Kaley! Yay Janice! Wait— what's that? It's about "an out-of-work slacker (James Marsden) who accidentally injures the son of the Easter Bunny (voiced by Russell Brand) and must take him in as he recovers"? Oh. Um. Well. That's... Uh, that's great. Terrific. Sounds like... a lot of... fun. [THR]