We all knew it was coming: The infamous picture of Jesse James wearing an SS officer's hat while doing the "sieg heil." These are two things you do not want to do by themselves. Together, they are exponentially worse.

According to Inside Edition, from whose broadcast that picture was captured, the picture was taken in 2004 while James and Sandra Bullock were dating. It is the same kind of hat that everyone freaked out about when it appeared on James' mistress Bombshell "Bombshell" McGee. But sources tell the show Jesse James is "not a neo-Nazi" and that he took the pictures for "shock value." Shocking, that he would do such a thing. Couldn't this have waited until after Passover?

Here is a picture of the hat, just in case you were wondering if it actually was a Nazi hat or some sort of misshapen milkman's cap:

(Us Weekly via ONTD)
And if you can't get enough of Jesse James in a Nazi hat, here is the Inside Edition segment:
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