Among the eight apocalyptic Christian militia members indicted for sedition are the married couple who led Michigan's Hutaree militia, David "Captain Hutaree" Stone and wife Tina—the blushing bride of Hutaree, who uploaded wedding photos to Facebook in December.

Talking Points Memo found Tina's Facebook profile under her maiden name, Tina Kelley. In these photos, the red-haired Tina—the only female Hutaree the U.S. Attorney General has so far indicted—poses in a wedding veil alongside family members, assault rifles, the flag of Hutaree, and her camouflage-wearing groom, David "Captain Hutaree" Stone, Sr. [Facebook via TPM & spikenard]

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The flag in the middle bears the Hutaree emblem. The one on the right says "Don't Tread on Me," which is exactly what Tina was thinking she she decided to wear a wedding dress that looks like a crosswalk on asphalt.

If mugshot IDs serve, this is the blushing bride and her groom.

Yeah, that's a butterfly tattoo on Tina's chest. Not sure whose kid that is; two of David Stone Sr.'s adult sons (including David Stone, Jr.) were indicted alongside the newlywed couple, so the Stone family may be a bit complex. Do paramilitary Christian separatists have divorce?

This charming tyke appears in multiple pictures. Hopefully once the sedition charges are sorted out, the Child Services portion of the Hutaree sting will begin.

Who's this fatigue-wearing chap? A brother maybe? He wasn't part of the indicted-and-mugshot Hutaree eight, so I don't know. These three look like they could be siblings to me.

I wonder if Hutaree women have bridal showers and bachelorette parties. Tina's Maid of Honor has a total party girl glint in her eye.

Violent seditious charismatic militia leaders: They coo at babies, just like us. Is it just me, or does this baby look like it's made out of wax?

And, as a parting shot, here is screen grab of Tina's Facebook profile. Several of her friends have the same militaristic cross profile pic she has. They all had stricter privacy settings, though, so all we have to look at for now is Tina's wedding gallery.