Wealthy developer Robert Brot is suing Lindsey DeLeon for more than $100k, charging that the younger woman took advantage of his love, ripped him off, and became a prostitute. But! Lindsey says Brot was her pimp. Plus: Hot new pixxx!

Instead of coming to us first, Lindsey decided to talk to the New York Post, probably because they sent a reporter out to Tulsa to track her down. Her story is very different from Robert Brot's! While Brot said he tried to save her from a life of prostitution by moving her to New York and setting her up in an apartment and all, DeLeon says he just stone cold pimped her out. And she turns over emails from Brot, such as:

"We put [an escort ad for Deleon] up for 30 days . . . and then take it down selectively based upon your schedule," Brot wrote in an e-mail, referring to the ads.

"Do you like my proposed schedule?" he added. "Consultation on Monday . . . work the week . . . spend the weekend with me . . . lipo the following Monday or Tuesday and implant that week too?"

So, if these emails are indeed what DeLeon says they are, there is up to a 100% chance that Robert Brot, co-founder of The J Companies, is a rich, heartless pimp. Who went on to sue the woman he pimped out, which would also make him a bastard. If these allegations were true! Who knows?
[New Lindsey DeLeon pics courtesy of Steve Zak]