The Canadian author set up a Twitter account to promote a book, and now totally loves the OMG's and LMAO's. She quickly gained thousands of "Twitterpals," one of whom said to her, "I love it when old ladies blog."

In a blog post at The New York Review of Books, Atwood breaks down the details of falling into the Twitter trap, "like Alice down the rabbit hole," and strong-arming her name back from fakes:

I plunged in, and set up a Twitter account. My first problem was that there were already two Margaret Atwoods on Twitter, one of them with my picture. This grew; I gave commands; then all other Margaret Atwoods stopped together. I like to think they were sent to a nunnery, but in any case they disappeared. The Twitterpolice had got them. I felt a bit guilty."

And she's still a little confused by internet trolls, or as she says, "fairies":

The Twittersphere is an odd and uncanny place. It's something like having fairies at the bottom of your garden. How do you know anyone is who he/she says he is, especially when they put up pictures of themselves that might be their feet, or a cat, or a Mardi Gras mask, or a tin of Spam?"

The internet is a creepy place, Margaret. Beware! Fairies, you can follow her here.

[Image via Deborah Samuel/CBC]