Kate Gosselin is currently on Dancing with the Stars. She is also—still—a horrid, difficult piece of work. So it's no wonder that, on tonight's episode, her dance partner screamed, "I quit!" and walked out on her. Video inside.

In the rehearsal footage from tonight's episode, Gosselin and partner Tony Dovolani were practicing for their routine—they were set to do the jive this week—and it became apparent very quickly that Gosselin's disgraceful emasculating is not exclusive to shows on TLC. Watch as she berates Dovolani for attempting to teach her the dance, before he literally can't take it anymore and proclaims that he's quitting the show.

When the show returned from break, Gosselin and Dovolani's drama played out to its conclusion, in which he realizes (read: the producers told him) that he shouldn't just quit and returns in an attempt to deal with Gosselin, who still doesn't understand why everyone in her life can't stand her. But it's TOTALLY not related to her or anything!

Who knows if Dovolani will last the entire season—hell, who knows if they'll even make it past tomorrow night's cut. It took Gosselin's husband, Jon, several seasons of Jon & Kate Plus 8 to finally walk out on her, so one can't really blame Dovolani for sticking around, if only for just a bit longer.

One thing's for sure, though: Gosselin is not getting any less difficult.

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