A longtime Chicago Bull and New York Knick, Curry is a center/forward for the Miami Heat. At 6'11 and at one point close to 300 pounds of muscle, he's one of the most physically imposing players in the league (this is, until he debuted a noticeably more svelte physique in the 2011 season), although his performance has rarely measured up to his size.

An aspiring gymnast in his youth, Curry switched to basketball in middle school and was drafted by the Chicago Bulls straight out of high school. Although he showed glimmers of promise in the 2002 with his 58.5% field goal percentage—the first Bull to lead a statistical category since Michael Jordan—Curry never seemed to build on his momentum, particularly when he missed countless due to heart problems. In 2005, he was traded to the Knicks, and while at times he showed immense promise (a career high 43 points in one game in 2007), he was a constant source of stress to former coach Scott Skiles and wasn't even in the rotation for the beginning of the 2008-9 season when he showed up out-of-shape to training camp. By 2011 he was traded to the Miami Heat. Although 70 pounds slimmer, he was hardly a figure in the Heat's championship season, having only played for 83 minutes.

2009 was a tough year for Curry's personal life: he was accused of soliciting sex from his male chauffeur and calling him a string of racial slurs. A month later, his ex-girlfriend and their nine-month old daughter were found murdered (his girlfriend's attorney was later charged with the crime), and by the end of the year, Curry's house was forced into foreclosure. Luckily, things seemed to have somewhat settled down since then. [Image via Getty]