While we were digging around the itemized disbursements of the Republican National Committee in search of lesbians, we found a couple trips marked "office supplies" that are both wonderful (and wasteful?) in very different ways.

On 2/4 and 2/25, someone picked up $200 worth of supplies from Congressional Liquors on Capitol Hill.

And in what I like to imagine was the prelude to a night at the lesbian bondage nightclub, someone spent more than $2,200 at the Ronald Reagan Museum Store in Simi Valley, California, on 2/4, the same day as the infamous Voyeur West Hollywood trip. They apparently needed a little bit more of whatever the hell they bought there, because on 2/18 they went back to spend another $215.

A wet office is a happy office, so we do not begrudge the RNC their twice-monthly booze runs, but what does $2,424 even get you from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Museum Store? Hundreds of "Rap Master Ronnie" 12-inches? The original list of names he gave HUAC?